Introvert Church Resources

Sites, books and ideas to help you in your service.
PDF Downloads
  • Download the full Introvert Church text here.
  • Download a weekly schedule to split an Introvert Church service over the whole week here.
  • Download a quick reference for the Introvert Church sections (and weekly schedule) here.
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Book:  Introverts in the Church

This book by Adam S. McHugh is what started our journey in thinking through what an introvert-friendly church service might look like.  You can find it here on Amazon if you'd like a look (not an affiliate link, we make no money off of this or any other recommendation).

The author also has a blog which speaks to these kind of issues at


If you're looking for a resource for classic Christian hymns for use during your praise time, has an extensive list with lots of extra history and other resources available, some free and some pay.